Tall Tree-Eastern Washington trimmed 5-each 100-year Old overgrown Locust Trees and one 40-year old large Pine Trees all of which had wind-storm damage and were past due from the previous trimming necessity. Rick McIntire returned our phone calls and attended to giving us a competitive reasonable bid to do this work. His crew worked virtually non-stop and to note, their attention to detail was superb. Even the small branches were removed not a one was left hanging in any of our trees. Clean-up after the job left our home looking better than when they first arrived. I heartedly recommend Tall Tree-Eastern Washington without reservation based on the extraordinary work they performed on our home. Respectfully submitted, Bill Misner
Bill Misner Ph.D. Avatar
Bill Misner Ph.D.

Top-Notch Tree Pruning

You can rely on our ISA certified professionals to take care of your tree pruning needs.

Shape Your Trees

Tall Tree of Eastern Washington will prune all types of trees, not shrubbery, whether they're small or large. Pruning is done to shape young trees so that they grow upward properly and do not spread out from the trunk too far.

Remove dead branches injured by:

• Disease
• Insects
• Storms
• Branches that are rubbing each other
• And other detrimental things

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